To be Recognised Globally as being Committed to and making Significant Contributions towards supporting Communities to Discover Value in Hand Crafted Products. As a result, having Market Capitalisation Comparable to Admiration of its Values.



Inspiration and Excellence with Innovation, and Reliability as an Experience of Luxury for Global Communities through Values Manifested in every Product and Service at Sustainable Prices. Creating Responsible Values steeped in Tradition, Ethics, Connectedness, and Expertise for all the Stakeholders.

An experience called Sangrahaness

At the heart of Sangrahaness, are seven pillars—Truthfulness, Pioneering Innovation, Excellence, Cultural Responsibility, Social Cohesion, Vernacular Sincerity and Sensorial Experience that holds this unique concept of handcrafting higher than all others.



​​At Sangraha, Truthfulness is at the root of everything. Each product, service and process have originality, honesty, and straightforwardness. This keeps the value of Indianness, and all our processes grounded in sustainable practices that value expertise and perfection. Everything we do is with collective integrity and transparency.



​Engendered out of an ambition to create a service that will change outlook towards artisans of Avadh, and eventually the lead to excellence in craft. Sangraha, ever since its inception has been a change bearer. From involving artisans in the design process, reviving extinct stitches, sustaining wages that artisans have never been offered in this region, creating parameters of excellence in embroidery.  Sangraha’s vision is to be the best in its class.

Sangraha will continue to be agile and take on challenges, using Human Centered Design to have insights about customers and communities to develop innovative solutions.



​​Sangraha sincerely believes in ethical exchange with the local craft, culture, its people, and its communities. The essence of working at Sangraha lies in the art, craft, stories, and folklore of Lucknow. At Sangraha, we follow a practice that cares for its people by providing employment, financial independence, opportunity for training and cultural travel experiences, medical cover, education for wards and involvement in planning their future.



At Sangraha, we are passionate about achieving the highest standards of perfection in craft and associated processes, always promoting meritocracy.


Sangraha invests in building a community of people and partners, enabling continuous exchange, learning, and building caring and collaborative relationships based on trust and mutual respect.


Sangraha builds on tradition and vernacular systems with commitment to environmental and social principles in our business, ensuring that all that we do, and use is sustained to bear rewards for many more.


Sangraha proudly works towards articulating the narratives of crafts, their workmanship and heritage by reinterpreting them innovatively and ethically. Our premise is that "hands are not isolated from heart and soul in a craft". Every hand and mind that touches the product in making becomes a protagonist in the story.  At Sangraha we curate experiences through music, gifts, greetings, knowledge sharing about the local heritage.




India is a land of numerous crafts interspersed in its culture and identity. Crafts have originated as an expression for household use, courtly ornamentation, or for organised commerce. Working by hand was integral part of life and now we are in an age where it is either looked up as aspirational or considered as a poor man’s work. When we look at craft as latter, we fail to appreciate its excellence and workmanship. Uttar Pradesh has been a cradle of embroideries like chikankari, zardosi, kamdani, darazdari and other prominent crafts of weaving, printing, pottery, glassware, woodwork and masonry. The artisans are marginalised, lack dignified wages, have poor negotiating power and recognition owing to low socio-economic status, low education and lack of finances as well as education. Design has to an intrinsic part of any craft development initiative. It has the capacity to become a means to improve the state of artisans, if they co-work with designers and retailers.


Sangraha is not just a label on products, but an essence endeavours to think change. Our continuous and sustained effort to work with the indigenous embroideries of Lucknow, with authenticity to craft knowledge that resides in its practitioners. 

Classic styling with using traditional patterns with new thinking is the brand identity, the clothing line highlights the versatility, intricacy, optimisation in its sombre silhouettes. Lifestyle product underscores a excellence and user experience. 

We look to design and craft as extension of life. 



It’s been a long road for Kalra’s organization, one replete with roadblocks and challenges, and the going hasn’t always been easy. But he is confident that Sangraha is a step in the right direction and that they will see more success. 


Once Exploited, These Women Chikan Karigars of Lucknow Are Masters of Their Designs Today.


Creating a positive impact!