Sangraha supports collaborations between artist and artisan. Sangraha under its principle of sensorial responsibility tends to bridge the gap existing between art, design and craft whilst acknowledging strengths of each practitioner.


Sangraha Atelier is an expression in art and a platform to exchange ideas and narratives. The narratives are a medium to discover self, soul and the Light around. The exchange of stories and modes to create artwork is an engagement that connects people with Oneness and that's what is art in real. Discovering realities of life and exchange in that process is the Sacha Sauda art by Sangraha Atelier. Various artist and the founder himself use art as a medium to express the internal conflicts and energy through craft. 


Artist/ Designer Co-creating

Manisha Gera Baswani


At Sangraha Manisha Gera Baswani works closely with artisans to script her artworks that have a universal expression of feelings.

Dr. Jaspal Singh Kalra

Designer- Artist

Dr. Jaspal Kalra works towards discovery of spiritual realism and the truthfulness through medium of embroidery.


Expressive Bani Art