- people at S A N G R A H A -


Ranjita Nishad

Specialist- Integration of Innovation & Sensorial Experience

"I want to have secure future and grow but lack of basic education makes me underconfident."


Ranjita embroiderers to perfection at at an unmatched pace. She contributes significantly to her household income. At Sangraha she was selected to undertake design and entrepreneurial education at Kalhath Institute. Her inherent skill to convert a motif into lifelike is unparalleled. She has actively travelled for various exhibitions to Delhi.

She is the only woman in her family to work from 9 am to 5 pm. Ranjita enjoys her work and while embroidering and binds her co-workers together.

Ranjita now handles sampling for all our brands.

- founder of S A N G R A H A says -

India is a land of numerous crafts interspersed in its culture and identity. Crafts have originated as an expression for household use, courtly ornamentation, or for organised commerce. Working by hand was integral part of life and now we are in an age where it is either looked up as aspirational or considered as a poor man’s work. When we look at craft as latter, we fail to appreciate its excellence and workmanship. Uttar Pradesh has been a cradle of embroideries like chikankari, zardosi, kamdani, darazdari and other prominent crafts of weaving, printing, pottery, glassware, woodwork and masonry. The artisans are marginalised, lack dignified wages, have poor negotiating power and recognition owing to low socio-economic status, low education and lack of finances as well as education. Design has to an intrinsic part of any craft development initiative. It has the capacity to become a means to improve the state of artisans, if they co-work with designers and retailers.


Sangraha is not just a label on products, but an essence endeavours to think change. Our continuous and sustained effort to work with the indigenous embroideries of Lucknow, with authenticity to craft knowledge that resides in its practitioners. 

Classic styling with using traditional patterns with new thinking is the brand identity, the clothing line highlights the versatility, intricacy, optimisation in its sombre silhouettes. Lifestyle product underscores a excellence and user experience. 

We look to design and craft as extension of life. 

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